12/23/2016 Release Notes

New Features

  • Company Actions: The Actions tab on the Edit company screen gives you multiple options for creating Aeros for your clients. From here you can start or add an Aero, create a Master Aero, use an Aero template to start or add an Aero, use an Aero Template to Add a Master Aero, start or add an Aero using a Library template*, or create a Master Aero using a Library Template*.
    Company Actions in Aero
    *Depending on the status of your subscription, you may only have access to some Library Templates or may not have access to any Library Templates at all.
  • Company Aeros: The Company Aeros tab on the Edit Company screen now shows a summary of the Aero and the category is listed.
  • Save and Start: There is now a Save and Start button on the Edit Aero Template screen. This allows you to Add and Aero from an Aero template, make a few choices like Company and Project, and start working on the Aero right away. Save and Start Aero template
  • New Report: Aero Time Cost by Project Summary. A report showing all open projects with time entries for a selected period and the cost and profit for that period.Time cost by Project Summary
Updated on December 29, 2016

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