Manage Aero Account

Admin > Manage Aero Account takes you to the Account Information page. There is a dropdown menu next to the page title where you can choose one of the following options:

Update Contact Information Update your firm’s billing address and the Account Administrator contact information.
Update Payment Information or Add Payment Information Add or update the credit card that is charged your Aero Workflow subscription fees.
Change Subscription You can change your firm’s Aero subscription (Sole Proprietor, Small Firm, Large Firm).
Cancel Subscription This is where you cancel your Aero subscription.

On the Account Information screen you can see some information about your firm and your firm’s Aero Account:

Name Your firm’s name. This is the company referred to in My Company.
Address Your firm’s billing address.
Email The email address of the primary administrator for your Aero account. This does not have to be the same as the email the admin uses to log into Aero.
Phone Your firm’s telephone number
Contact Name The name of the primary administrator for your Aero account.
Date Account Created The date your Aero account was first created. Your subscription fees will be charged each month based on this date.
Terms Accepted Check to show that Aero User Terms of Service have been accepted.
Payment Profile ID A unique identifier that is used  to charge your subscription fees to your credit card. Your credit card information is not stored in Aero Workflow, but passed along to our merchant processor and stored in their secure system.
Company Profile ID This is your company account number. You may be asked for this number by a member of the Aero support team.
Subscription Profile ID An alpha-numeric ID for your Aero subscription.
Subscription Type Your current Aero subscription (Sole Proprietor, Small Firm, Large Firm).
Sync to QuickBooks Online If this box is checked, your Aero account is syncing to your QuickBooks Online account.
Initial QuickBooks Sync Done If this box is checked, the initial Aero – QuickBooks Online sync has been done and all of your QuickBooks Customers, Vendors, Employees, Classes and Service Items have been brought into your Aero account (up to 1,000 of each).
Is Flagged for Delete If this box is checked you have indicated that you want to cancel your Aero subscription and your database will be deleted. This box may also be checked if your subscription fees are past due.
Updated on September 15, 2017

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