Adding a Due Date

DueDate-CreateTaskWhen you create a task you can optionally specify a due date as well as the required start date.  If, for example, you are creating a task to reconcile a client’s accounts and the start date is the 1st of the month but it can be completed any time between the 1st and the 10th, you can fill in the due date as the 10th.

DueDate-EditMasterAeroYou have the option to create Master Aeros and Aero Templates with due dates as well. When you fill in the information for the Master Aero or Aero Template, there is a field called Set Days to Due Date. Fill out this field with the numbers of days from the start date that you would like to have calculated as the due date. For example, if you want to have the due date for a repeating task always be 6 days past the start date, you would type 6 in the Set Days to Due Date field. then when the occurrences are created from the Master Aero information, every task will have a due date that is 6 days past the start date.

Due Dates are displayed on the Manage Master Aeros screen in a column labeled End Date. When you are looking at Aeros Due Today, Aeros will be displayed based on their Start Date.

Due Dates are displayed on the My Aeros screen underneath the Start Date. My Aeros displays Aeros due on or before today, based on the Start Date.


Updated on October 11, 2017

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