Adding images to Aero

As you know Aero doesn’t have any document storage – and that includes images. So when you want to add an image to a procedure or your email signature (or anywhere else in Aero where you can insert an image), you need to add it as a link to an image stored somewhere else on the internet.

If you have an image that is already on a website, you simply need to get the link to it and copy that link into Aero. Let’s say you want to add your company logo to your email signature – and that same logo is on your website.

  • Go to the webpage that has the image
  • Right-click on the image and choose Copy Image Address (depending on your computer and browser, you may see something different than the picture below)
    Copy Image Address
  • Paste the copied address into the add image widget in Aero. You can resize the image and even type in alternate text that will display if the image doesn’t show up for some reason.
    Add Image Widget


But what do you do if you have an image that isn’t conveniently located on the internet somewhere? We’ve done some research and have a couple of options for you below. If you know of a solution we’ve missed, please let us know!


  • Get the ‘Share’ link from dropbox. ex:
  • change the to – in the case of our sample above it would be
  • Paste the new URL into the add image widget in Aero

Google Drive

  • Make sure that sharing permission is set to “anyone on the web” can view
  • Find the “sharing” link to your image. ex:
  • Plug the image id into this link:<image_id> In the case of our sample image the id is 0B3eQbmzw_xiJcHVDb2syQTdnV0E so the URL would be
  • Paste the new URL in the add image widget in Aero


Skitch is a screenshot app owned by Evernote that offers storage and sharing through a URL.

  • Use Skitch to take your screenshot
  • Click the sharing icon in the upper right corner
  • Choose ‘Share & Copy URL’
  • Paste the URL in the add image widget in Aero
Updated on August 9, 2017

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