Billable Time vs Fixed Fee Time Pie Chart

This is a simple pie chart that shows you your billable time compared to your fixed fee time, with an option to add in your not-billable time as well.

billable vs fixed fee pie chart


Report Defaults

  • Time period defaults to Last Month. Dates for the date range are taken from the Time Entries
  • Billable vs. Fixed Fee
  • The label for each section show the total amount of time
  • If you hover over a section of the chart, the percentage for that section will pop up

Customization Options

You can customize the report and then Memorize it so you can run it again without having to customize it. The customization options give you the ability to create many unique reports based on this one starting point.

  • Date Ranges– you can choose from a wide variety of date ranges: Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, This Week, This Week To Date, Last Week, Next Week, This Month, This Month to date, Last Month, Next Month, This quarter, This quarter to date, Last quarter, Next quarter to date, This year, This year to date, Last year, Next year
    • Aero weeks run from Saturday to Sunday
    • Quarters are standard quarters
    • If none of the pre-defined date ranges work for you, you can enter a custom range. To enter a custom range, choose Custom from the drop-down and then select your custom dates.
  • Filter Options
    • Team Member – choose one specific team member (user) or all
    • Company – choose one specific company or all
    • Project – choose one specific project or all
    • Manager – Choose one specific manager or all
    • Aero Type – Choose one specific Aero Type or all
  • Optional Information
    • Check the Show Not-billable Time box to include time that is neither Billable nor Fixed Fee
Updated on August 17, 2017

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