Companies and Contacts

Aero Workflow is designed to be as flexible as possible. You can add a contact without a company and add a company that doesn’t have any contacts. You can also designate a default contact for a company, assign a default company to a contact, have multiple contacts assigned to one company, and assign the same contact to more than one company. 

  1. When you create a new company, and fill in the contact information fields, a new contact is created automatically. The new contact will also be added to the list of company contacts.
    Create New Company
    Company Contacts Grid
  2. When you create a new contact in Aero, you have the option of choosing a default company from the dropdown menu (note that if the company doesn’t already exist in Aero, you will need to add it).
    Create New Contact
  3. That contact will than be found on the contacts grid for the company.
    Multiple contacts in a Company
  4. Each contact will have a list of all the companies that they are connected to in the Edit Contact screen.
    Multiple companies for a contact
Updated on May 8, 2017

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