How to Connect your Aero Account to your QuickBooks Online Account

If you want to connect your existing Aero account to an existing QBO account, navigate to Admin > Manage QuickBooks. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button.

Connect to QBO

You will be given a warning about the possibility of customer duplication.  Click the green Connect to QuickBooks button to continue.
Connect to QBO warning

You will be asked to sign into your QuickBooks Account. If you have several different QuickBooks files to choose from, make sure you pick the correct one- whatever QBO company is YOUR firm’s books.

You will be asked to confirm that you want Intuit to share data from your QuickBooks file with your Aero account.

Authorize Aero


When the account is connected you should see this screen:

QBO Connect Success

Close the window and navigate to Admin > Manage QuickBooks to and perform a sync by pressing the Sync Now button.

QBO Sync Now

Updated on April 24, 2017

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