Connecting Aero to Office 365

  1. Before you connect, make sure your Office 365 inbox (not your Outlook inbox) doesn’t contain more than 50 unread messages. Here’s how to clear out unread messages.
  2. Log into Aero and navigate to Work > My Preferences.
  3. Click the Connect to Office365 button
  4. You’ll be taken to a screen asking for your Office365 email and password. When you’re done entering that information, click Save Changes.Offe365 Credentials
  5. You’ll be returned to the My Preferences screen where you need to choose some email settings and defaults.
    Email Settings
  6. Email Settings allow you to set some rules for how incoming and outgoing emails will be handled.
    • Auto Update Email – Check this box if you want Aero to automatically check your email for you. Your unread email will be checked every 30 minutes and any qualifying emails will be brought into Aero.
    • If you want to use the email integration, you must pick one of these two options:
      • Send & Receive Email – You want to send emails from Aero and have incoming emails appear on your Aero list OR
      • Send Email Only – You only want to send emails from Aero. You do not want to have emails appear on your Aero List.
    • From Name – Type in a name that will appear in the recipient’s inbox. If you leave this blank, your email address will be listed instead.
      From Name
    • Email Signature – Add the email signature that you would like to have added to all outgoing emails.
  7. Email Defaults will autofill all of your incoming and outgoing emails emails. All of these defaults can be edited on each email.
    • Aero Type – Set a default Aero Type that will auto-fill for all incoming and outgoing emails. If you don’t choose an Aero Type here, The Company-wide Aero Type will be used as a default.
    • Hat – You can choose a default Hat that will auto-fill for all emails. If you don’t choose a default Hat, the field will be empty when you read or write an email.
    • Priority – You can choose to have incoming emails set to an Elevated or Critical priority. If you don’t make a change, all incoming emails will be given a Normal priority.
    • Project – You can have all emails default to a Project.
    • Billable – You can have all emails default to being marked as Billable.

Save ChangesWhen you are done updating your email defaults, make sure you click the blue Save Changes button in the upper right corner. You will get a message that your changes have been saved.

Updated on August 7, 2017

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