Create a New Aero from an Aero Template

Navigate to Manage > Aero Templates. On the Manage Aero Templates screen, you will see a grid of all the Aero Templates you have created. Find the template that you want to use and click the Add Aero button on the right. You will be taken to the Add New Aero from Template screen.

OR – from the Edit Company screen, click on the Actions tab. Find the Aero template you want to use in the dropdown menu and click the Add Aero button.

All information from the template has been pre-filled, but you can also fill out / edit the following:

Scheduled Start Date *Required The date and time the Aero should begin. This field defaults to the date and time you open the Add New Aero from Template screen, but you can enter a different date by clicking the calendar icon on the right and a different time by clicking the clock icon.
Estimated Duration: *Required The estimated time the Aero should take. This field defaults to the time you set in the template if you do not change it.
Due Date If you want to specify a window of time for the task to be performed in, you can add a absolute due date here. For example, if the task is to reconcile accounts, and the Start Date is on the first of the month but it just needs to be completed by the 10th, you can put the 10th in as the Due Date. This field defaults to whatever you set up in the template.
Type *Required The type of Aero.
Assigned To *Required The team member the Aero is being assigned to.
Company The name of the company the Aero is associated with.
Contact The main contact for that Aero.
Category *Required This defaults to the category you set for the template.
Priority The Aero’s priority (Normal, Elevated, Critical). Priority default is Normal.
Hat The job ‘hat’ the staff member is wearing for this Aero.
Project The project this Aero is associated with (choose from the drop down menu or start typing a project name, company name, or project type to find).
Billable If the box is checked, the time spent doing the Aero is billable.
Fixed Fee Check this box if this Aero will be billed on a fixed fee basis.
Close Click the close button to close without saving and return to the Manage Aero Templates screen.
Save and Edit Click this button to add the new Aero and go to the Edit Aero screen. There you will be able to edit the subject, description and steps that you created for the template.
Save and Close Click the Save and Close button to create the Aero without any further editing. The Aero will be created and you will be taken to the Manage Aeros screen.
Updated on May 17, 2017

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