Create a New Aero Template from an Existing Aero

Edit Aero Screen MenuNavigate to Manage > Aeros. On the Manage Aeros screen use the sort and filter features of the grid to find the Aero you want to turn into a template. Click the View button on the left to go to the Edit Aero screen for that Aero. Click the down arrow to the left of Edit Aero and choose Make into Aero Template. This will take you to the Edit Aero Template screen where you can edit any of the following:

Category *Required The Aero category (Task, Appointment, Email, Other)
Estimated Duration *Required The estimated time the Aero will take. Note that this must be entered as hh:mm.
Set Days To Due Date If there is a window of time to perform this task, specify the number of days in this window here. When you specify the occurrence intervals, the Due Date will be automatically calculated based on the number of days entered here.
Type Choose an Aero Type from the dropdown list
Assigned To The team member the Aero template is being assigned to.
Company The name of the company the Aero is associated with.
Contact The main contact for that Aero.
Priority The Aero’s priority (Normal, Elevated, Critical). Priority default is Normal.
Hat The type of job ‘hat’ the staff member is wearing for this Aero.
Project The project this Aero is associated with (choose from the drop down menu or start typing a project name, company name, or project type to find).
Billable If the box is checked, the time spent doing the Aero is billable.
Fixed Fee Check this box if this Aero will be billed on a fixed fee basis.
Active If the box is checked, the template is active and can be used to create new Aeros.
Subject *Required A short title for the template. This will be displayed on the Aero grids and lists.
Description A more detailed description of the Aero can be written here.
Steps Edit the steps as necessary.
Close Click the Close button to close without saving and return to the Manage Aeros screen.
Save and Close Click the Save and Close button to create the new template and go to the Manage Aero Templates screen.
Updated on September 15, 2017

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