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If you linked your Aero account to your QuickBooks Online account, Aero automatically imported all of your customer contacts- but only the one contact per customer that QuickBooks allows. You can add multiple contacts per customer in Aero, as well as contacts that are not customer contacts, such as vendors, industry colleagues, and staff. If you want to gather all your contacts in a central location before you start adding them, you can use this spreadsheet.

To add a new contact in Aero:

Navigate to Manage > Contacts. Click the blue arrow to the right of Manage Contacts and choose Add Contact. You will be taken to the Create New Contact screen. Fill out the fields as follows:

Title The contact’s job title or honorific. This title will appear on contact dropdown lists.
First Name *Required Contact’s first name.
LastName *Required Contact’s last name.
Default Email Address Enter an email address. If that address doesn’t already exist in your database, it will be added and designated as the default for that contact.
Default Company Choose the company from the drop down list. You will be able to override this default on any of the Create or Edit screens.
Gender The contact’s gender.
Facebook URL Their Facebook URL.
LinkedIn URL Their LinkedIn URL.
Twitter Handle Their twitter handle.
Mobile Their mobile phone number.
Office Their work number.
Home Their home number.
Notes Add any notes you want associated with this contact.
Close Return to the Manage Contacts screen without saving.
Save and Close Save the new contact information and return to the Manage Contacts screen. Note: if you try to add a Contact that already exists in the system, when you click the Save and Close button, you will be taken to the Edit screen for that contact.
Updated on December 7, 2016

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