Create New Email Address

Note: you can only add email addresses if the contact already exists in your database. To add a new contact and email, you should Create a New Contact.

From the Manage dropdown menu, choose Email Addresses. On the Manage Email Addresses screen, click on the down arrow to the right of Manage Email Addresses and choose Add Email Address.

Fill out the fields as follows

Address *Required Fill in the email address you want to add.
Contact *Required Choose a contact from the drop down menu or start typing to select. If the contact doesn’t exist in Aero you will have the option to Add New.
Default Check this box to make this the default email for the contact you selected.
Exclude Email Import Check this box if you do not want emails from this email to be imported to your Aero list. If you leave it unchecked, emails from this email address will be imported when you choose Check Email & Refresh List from you My Aeros Menu
Close Click the Close button the return the the Manage Email Addresses screen without saving.
Save and Close Click the Save and Close button to save the new email address and return to the Manage Email Addresses screen
Updated on December 7, 2016

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