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Tip: You can preview your procedure in “Read Only” mode by pasting this link in your browser bar: Replace the XX in the link with the procedure number
Procedures are the documented information related to how your firm performs the service it provides. You can add print screens and other resources. This is where your firm declares “This is how we do things here!”

You can link Aeros to the procedures you create using their ID number so that your staff can reference them for guidance on how to perform their task. A Procedure may be a very specific way to perform work for a particular client or for the software solutions your staff use. You can always come back and edit your procedures as they change! For some ideas on how to create procedures, you can read this blog.


From the Manage dropdown menu choose Procedures. On the Manage Procedures screen, click on the arrow to the right of Manage Procedures and choose Add Procedure from the dropdown menu. Fill out the fields on the Create Procedure screen as follows:

Type *Required What type of procedure it is. Choose from the dropdown list or begin typing to search.
Name *Required The name of the procedure
Description *Required The procedure itself. This can be as long or short as you wish.
Active If the box is checked, the procedure is currently active.
Save Save the procedure and stay on this screen to continue editing.
Save and Close Save the procedure and return to the Mange Procedures screen.
Close Close the screen without saving and return to the Manage Procedures screen.
Updated on August 17, 2017

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