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Projects in Aero are groups of Aeros and Master Aeros. You can set up a project and then associated Aeros and Master Aeros to that project, allowing you to track all of those Aeros together. For more about using Projects in Aero, check out this blog.

You can create a new Project from the project dropdown menu when you are creating or editing an Aero.

Or you can navigate to Manage > Projects. On the Manage Projects screen, click the blue arrow to the right of Manage Projects and choose Add Project.

You will be taken to the Create New Project Screen. Fill out the fields as follows:

Name *Required A short descriptive name for the project.
Assigned to *Required The name of the team member assigned as the project manager. The name default to the team member creating the project. The Project Manager will see this Project listed on their My Projects screen.
Start Date *Required The scheduled start date of the project. If nothing is chosen, this field defaults to the current date.
Completion Date If you are creating an ongoing project, you can leave this field blank.
Company The name of the company associated with this project.
Status The current status of the project (Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Canceled, Deferred). The default when creating a new project is NotStarted.
Type *Required Designate the project type.
Est. Price The total estimated amount you are planning to charge, or the price quote you gave your client.  If you’re planning on using Aero’s progress invoicing feature, this field is important to fill out.
Est. Total Time The total estimated time the project will take. If you’re planning on using Aero’s progress invoicing feature, this field is important to fill out.
Billable If the box is checked, then the project is billable on a time and materials basis.
Fixed Fee If this box is checked then the project is being done for a fixed fee.
Description A more detailed description of the project can be entered here.
Close Click the Close button to return to the Manage Projects screen without saving.
Save and Close Click the Save and Close button to save the new project and return to the Manage Projects screen.
Updated on September 11, 2017

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