Doing your work in Aero

Once your firm’s work has been defined and scheduled, it’s time to learn how to do your work using Aero. The steps below will walk you through the parts of Aero Workflow that you will use as you complete your assigned work. Edit_My_Preferences_-_Aero_Workflow_ManagerNote that depending on your security level you may not be able to access all the areas described in the steps below. You can find out what security level has been assigned to you by navigating to Work > My Preferences.

  1. Getting certified is a great way to make sure you are using Aero to it’s fullest. Aero User Certification is free and takes 2-3 hours. Learn More.
    Find the work that has been assigned to you. You can find a list of everything you need to do today by navigating to Work > My Aeros.  If you want see your work in a certain grouping or order, try Work > My Dashboard.
  2. Explore the screen that opens when you accept an Aero. To find out more, watch this video and read this help article.
  3. Learn how the Timer works. When you accept an Aero, you’ll see a green button with a running timer. While you’re working, Aero is automatically tracking your time for you and will automatically log it when you complete or defer an Aero. No more timesheets!
  4. Explore the My Aeros Screen by reading this article TIP: you can access My Aeros from any screen in Aero by clicking on the Aero Workflow Icon on the left of the menu bar.
  5. Explore the way the My Dashboard screen works: read this article.
  6. Fill out My Preferences. Navigate to Work > My Preferences and set up your preferences. This is where you can change your password from the one automatically generated when you were added to Aero.
  7. (Optional) Set up Gmail integration (SL2 and higher) . If you want to integrate Aero with your Gmail account, learn how to set up the integration and how it works. If you want to integrate Aero to your Office 365 account, here’s how you can do that and how it works.
  8. Explore the My Schedule Screen (SL3 and higher). This is all the work assigned to you in a calendar view. You can click and drag items on this screen to reschedule them. Note that you can also edit Aeros from this screen and even start them. To learn how to use this screen, read this help article.
  9. Understand how to use My Timesheet. This is where you will see all the time that is automatically entered for you as you do your work in Aero. Learn what you can do with the items on this screen.
  10. Explore the My Projects screen (SL5 and higher). To find out more, read this article.
  11. Explore the Quick Links menu. You can use the Quick Links menus to start a task or appointment that crops up unexpectedly or to add an Aero for yourself or another team member to be completed at a later date.
Updated on September 19, 2017

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