Edit a Contact

Navigate to Manage > Contacts Find the contact you want to edit and click the blue View button on the left of the contact.

When the contact details screen opens, the fields available for editing are as follows:

Title The contact’s title or honorific.
First Name *Required The contact’s first name.
Last Name *Required The contact’s last name.
Default Email Address Choose a default email address from the dropdown menu. Note that you cannot type in a new email address or edit an existing one here. You can click on Add New to add a new email address for the contact. To edit the email address, you need to navigate to Manage > Email Addresses
Default Company Choose the company from the drop down list with which the contact is most often associated.
Gender The contact’s gender
Facebook URL Their Facebook URL.
LinkedIn URL Their LinkedIn URL.
Twitter Handle Their Twitter handle.
Mobile Their mobile phone number.
Office Their work number.
Home Their home number.
Active Whether or not the contact is active.
Notes Add any notes you want associated with this contact. You might put in a source or other contact info.

There are tabs at the bottom of the Edit contact screen.

Aeros Any Aeros assigned to the contact will be listed here
Companies A list of all companies that the contact is associated with
Email Addresses A list of all email addresses for that contact
Updated on March 16, 2017

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