Edit a Master Aero

From the Manage drop down menu, choose Master Aeros. On the Manage Master Aeros screen, use the sort and filter features of the grid to find the Master Aero that you want and click the View button.

If you make changes to a Master Aero (other than scheduling changes) and then Save and Close, all of the ‘baby’ Aeros generated by that Master will be updated, as long as they are not yet started. Completed or Deferred baby Aeros will not be changed. The changes will not take effect until you Save and Close the Master Aero.

The fields that you can update are as follows:

Category *Required The Aero category (Task, Appointment, Email, Other)
Estimated Duration *Required The estimated time the Aero will take.
Set Days To Due Date If there is a window of time to perform this task, specify the number of days in this window here. When you specify the occurrence intervals, the Due Date will be automatically calculated based on the number of days entered here.
Type *Required The type of Aero.
Assigned To *Required The team member the Aero is being assigned to.
Company The name of the company the Aero is associated with.
Contact The main contact for that Aero.
Priority The Aero’s priority (Normal, Elevated, Critical). Priority default is Normal.
Hat The type of job ‘hat’ the staff member is wearing for this Aero.
Project The project this Aero is associated with (choose from the drop down menu or start typing a project name, company name, or project type to find).
Billable If the box is checked, the time spent doing the Aero is billable.
Fixed Fee Check this box if this template will be billed on a fixed fee basis.
Active Uncheck the Active box to make the Master Aero inactive. Note: Making a Master Aero inactive does not cancel it and does not cancel future occurrences.
Subject *Required A short title for the template. This will be displayed on the Aero grids and lists.
Description A more detailed description of the Aero can be written here.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and edit steps if necessary (see How to Create a Task to learn how to add steps). Then click the blue Occurrence Options button to edit how often the Aero should repeat.

Click the blue Aeros link to see all the occurrences that are currently scheduled.If you want to an extra ‘one-off’ Aero outside of the regular pattern, click in the field on the top of the grid, schedule it, and click Add.

Renewal Pattern How often do you want the Aero to repeat (Weekly, Every Weekday, Every Monday Wednesday Friday, Every Tuesday Thursday, Daily, Monthly, Yearly).

  • If you choose Weekly, you can choose which day or days of the week you want the Aero to repeat on.
  • If you choose Monthly, you will be asked to check if you want the Aero to repeat on a certain day of the month (ie, the 19th of every month). If you leave it unchecked, the Aero will repeat on a the same day of the week each month (ie, the second Tuesday of each month.
Repeat Every Do you want the Aero to repeat every one month, every two months? If you want an Aero to repeat every other week, you would choose Weekly in step one and 2 in this step.
Start Date *Required This is the date of the first occurrence. If you are choosing a monthly occurrence interval, the recurrence pattern will key off of this date. For example, if you pick Monday, Jan. 2 as your start date, and have the ‘day of the month’ box checked, the occurrences will be scheduled for the 2nd of every month. If you leave the box unchecked, the occurrences will be scheduled for the first Monday of every month.
End on Date This is the date of the final occurrence of the Master Aero
Number of Dates Indicate here if you want the Aero to end after a certain number of occurrences. If you entered an End on Date, leave the Number of Dates at 0. *You must pick either an end date or a number of occurrences. If you enter a date in the End on Date field and then enter a number other that 0 in the Number of Dates field, Aero will user the Number of Dates field for the number of occurrences to create.
Hide Renewal Pattern Click this button the hide the occurrence options.
Delete All Occurrences Click this button to remove all occurrences after you have inserted them. This will only delete occurrences that have not been changed. If an Aero has been worked on or rescheduled, it will not be deleted.
Insert Occurrences Click this button to insert the Aeros into the schedule in the pattern you have selected. Once they have been inserted, they will display in the grid of Aeros.

When you are done, click the Save and Close button to save and return to the Manage Master Aeros screen.

Updated on January 18, 2017

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