Editing an Aero Template

To edit an existing Aero Template, navigate to Manage > Aero Template. use the sort and filter features of the Aero grid to find the template you want to edit, and click the View button. The Edit Aero Template screen will open.

You can edit the following fields on this screen:

Category *Required What kind of Aero template this is: Task, Meeting, Email, Other
Estimated Duration *Required The estimated time the task should take. To change this, click on the clock icon or simply type in a new time. Note: time must be entered in this format: hh:mm
Set Days To Due Date If there is a window of time to perform this task, specify the number of days in this window here. For example, if you are creating a template to reconcile accounts, you might want the start date to be the first of the month, but your staff actually has 7 days until the task is really due. The Days to Due Date would than be 7.
Type Aero Types are set up by your firm and give you a way to sort and examine your work.  For more on Aero Types, check out this blog article.
Assigned To The team member the Aero is being assigned to. When you create a Template, this field is usually left blank- unless there is one team member who always performs this work.
Company The client the Aero is assigned to. When you create a template, this field is most often left blank.
Contact The main contact for that Aero. When you create a template, this field is most often left blank.
Priority The Aero’s priority (Normal, Elevated, Critical). Priority default is Normal.
Hat The type of job ‘hat’ the staff member is wearing for this Aero.
Project The project this Aero is associated with (choose from the drop down menu or start typing a project name to find). When you create a template, this field is most often left blank.
Billable If the box is checked, the time spent doing the Aero is usually billable.
Fixed Fee Check this box if this Aero will usually be billed on a fixed fee basis.
Subject *Required A short title for the template. This is displayed on the Aero grids and lists.
Description A more detailed description of the Aero can be written here. You can also add notes to your staff here if you wish.
Steps The steps for performing the task. You can add a new step by clicking the Add a new step button. The parts of a step are:

      • Order: the order in which the step will appear when the task is being performed. This is a numerical value.
      • Name: A short name for the step.
      • Description: A more detailed description of the step.
      • Action Link: A URL where some action will be taken during that step.
      • Help Link: A URL containing some sort of help document. This can be internal or external.
      • SOP Id: The Id number for a procedure created and maintained by your firm.
      • Lib Id: The number of a Procedure that is stored and maintained in the Aero Library.
      • Delete: Click the Delete button to delete that step from the task.
      • When you are done adding steps, make sure you click the Save Changes button in the header of the Steps grid before you click the Save and Close button.
Close Click the Close button to close without saving.
Save and Close Click the blue Save and Close button to save the task and close the Edit Template window.
Updated on May 16, 2017

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