Features Update 10/11/16

New Features / Improvements

  • Connect Aero to Office 365You can now connect your Office 365 email to Aero. More…
  • No more zero minute time entries. Time is now rounded to the nearest minute. Any thing under one minute, will be recorded as 1 minute
  • There is now a column for Manager on the manage Aeros screen. You set up Managers on the Edit Team Member screen.
  • There is now a link on the Edit Aero screen to make an Aero into a Master Aero.
  • The Company Aeros grid on the Do Task, Attend Appointment, and Read Email screen now has a column called Summary that contains the Aero subject and the first 100 characters of the comments (or body of the email). There is also now a column that shows the Aero category.
    Company Aeros Grid

Bug Fixes

  • The bug where the end date on Batch Update Aeros moved forward one day each time the Update Aeros button was clicked has been fixed.
  • The bug where inactive Team Members where appearing on the Create New Project screen has been fixed.
Updated on December 29, 2016

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