Resolving Duplicate Companies in QBO and Aero

It’s not unusual to find yourself with duplicate companies in QBO, and if those duplicates are active in QBO, they will both be sent to Aero in the initial sync. Here’s how you can fix your duplicates and make sure that the correct QBO client is syncing with Aero.

Aero syncs with Your Books, not your QBOA client list

The first step in this process is to make sure that you know which list Aero is seeing. QBOA does not have an open API so Aero cannot sync with your QBOA client list. Aero syncs with your customers in Your Books (note: if you’ve been a ProAdvisor for a while, you might have your firm’s books in a different QBO company, not Your Books – then Aero will sync with that QBO company).
Your Books - Customers

Find your duplicates in QBO first

You need to determine which of the duplicate companies you want to keep in QBO.

  1. Click on Sales on the left navigation bar and then click on Customers
  2. Once a customer has been made inactive (deleted) in QBO, it is hidden from the Aero sync and Intuit doesn’t pass any more information about it to Aero – including the fact that it was deactivated. So you need to make sure you see all your customers in QBO. Click on the ‘Little Gear’ icon above your customer list and choose ‘Include inactive’
    Include Inactive in QBO
  3. Find your first set of duplicates and determine which one is the customer you want to keep in QBO.
  4. Edit that customer name to include something like “QBO” or “Keep”. Make sure that the ‘Display name as’ dropdown shows that edited name.
    QBO Customer information
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you have identified and edited all of your duplicates.

Fix the duplicates in Aero

  1. Go to Admin > Manage QuickBooks and click the Sync Now button.
  2. Go to the Manage Companies screen and find the first pair of duplicates.
  3. Click the view button for the company that isn’t the one you want to keep.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Company screen. Click on each of the company information tabs to and see what has been assigned to this company in Aero. You’ll want to edit any information on these tabs to transfer them to the Company you want to keep.
  5. You can transfer Aeros and Master Aeros by editing them one at a time or using the Batch Update Aeros process.
  6. You can transfer time entries one at a time or by using the Batch Update Time process.
  7. Contacts need to be edited one at a time to transfer them. They are really only a concern if the wrong company is the default company for a contact. Click the View button for a contact to see the default company and edit it if necessary.
  8. Projects need to be edited one at a time to transfer them to the correct company.
  9. Team Members need to be added to the company you want to keep (if needed).
  10. Vault entries need to be copied and pasted to the vault for the company you want to keep.
  11. Once you have all the Aeros and information transferred to the correct company, uncheck the Active box for the company you want to get rid of. If the company is not already inactive in QBO, it will automatically be deactivated in QBO as well.
  12. You can edit the name of the Company you’re keeping back to it’s original name. The change will automatically be updated in QBO as well.
  13. Repeat steps 3-12 until you have resolved all your duplicates.
Updated on August 3, 2017

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