Frequently Asked Questions


Basic Aero Questions

What is an Aero?
What should my Aero Types be?
What is the difference between an Aero Template and a Master Aero?
Is there a way to import my customers/contacts?
How can I record time for something I did outside of Aero / on another day?
I clicked Save and Complete by mistake. How can I get the Aero /Email back?
How can I delete a whole bunch of Aeros/emails at once?
What's the difference between an Aero and a Project?
Can I assign the same Aero to two people?
How do I set up tasks that are sequential? How can I link tasks together?
What is the difference between Pause and Defer?
Why are some of the menu items in my account grey and not clickable?
How do I filter the Library Templates for ones that aren't premium?
Does Aero email notifications when something is due?

Integration Questions

What information syncs between QuickBooks Online and Aero WorkFlow?
How do I connect to Office 365
How do I connect to Gmail/google Calendar
The Office 365 integration isn't working.
The Gmail integration isn't working.
The Google calendar integration isn't working.
Why isn't my time syncing to QBO?
How can I print an Aero Report

Account Management Questions

How can I change my trial to a paid account? How do I add Payment information?
How can I delete/deactivate a user/company/contact?
What happens when I delete (or make inactive) a user/company/contact?
How do I sign up for certification? How do I sign up my new employee for certification?
How can I cancel my Aero subscription / close my Aero account?

Adding / Editing Users

How do I add a new user?
I keep getting this error when trying to add a new user The value '' is not valid for EmailAddressId, but I know the email address is fine. What should I do?
I added a new user and they didn't get the email invite. How can I resend the email?
How do I change a user's login email?



Updated on September 21, 2017

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