Getting Connected to the RIGHT QBO Company

Sometimes our users have a hard time getting connected to the right QBO company- the one that is your books for your firm. We’ve developed this procedure to help you get your Aero account connect to the RIGHT QBO Company.

  1. Contact Aero and ask them to delete your current Aero account.
  2. In a browser, log into QBO.
  3. Open a new tab, and go to
  4. Click the My Apps tab.
  5. Find Aero and make sure it’s disconnected.
  6. Log into your QBOA account and find the company you want to connect to Aero.
  7. Add a new Company Administrator User (not an accountant user) to that account with an email address that is different from the one you use to log into QBOA.
  8. Open a new incognito window.
  9. Open a new Aero account that is not connected to a QBO account:
  10. Still in the incognito window, in your new Aero account, navigate to Admin > Manage QuickBooks and click Connect to QuickBooks. When you are asked to log into Intuit, log in as the Company Administrator User that you just created. For more information about connecting Aero to QBO, click here.
  11. Once your Aero account is connected to QBO, you will need to Navigate to Admin > Manage QuickBooks and click the Sync Now button.
Updated on May 9, 2017

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