How the Aero-Gmail integration works

Once you have your Aero account connected to your Google Apps account, you should know what to expect out of the Gmail part of the integration.

If you have chosen to have Aero auto update your email (in My Preferences), Aero will automatically check for unread emails, in your Gmail Inbox from email addresses that you have listed in your Aero account. Emails that have been brought into Aero will remain in your Gmail Inbox, marked as unread until you read them in Aero.

Once an email is imported into Aero, you can delete it in Gmail without affecting the copy in Aero. You can likewise delete an email in Aero without affecting the copy in Gmail.

Aero will not check your Gmail if you have more than 500 email in your inbox. If you have more than 500 unread emails, you will need to do some clean-up in Gmail before this integration works for you. Click here to learn about how to mark all emails as unread.

Aero checks your Gmail every 30 minutes. If there is an email in your Gmail Inbox that you want to have brought into your Aero account Right Now, you can choose Check Email and Refresh List from the My Aeros screen menu.

If you did not check the Auto Update Email box in My Preferences, you will need to select Check Email and Refresh List from the My Aeros screen menu in order to have emails brought into Aero.

If there is an attachment, you will see the name of the attachment below the body. Currently, you need to open the email in either Gmail or Office 365 to see the attachment.
Email with attachment

A copy of any emails sent from Aero will appear in your Gmail Sent box for the Google account that you connected to Aero.

When you send an email from Aero the ‘from’ email address will be the email address that you use to log into Aero.

Note that Aero only looks in your Gmail Inbox. If you have filters set up that automatically send emails to other folders, Aero will not find those. 

Updated on July 25, 2017

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