How to Copy an Aero (Clone)

Sometimes you may want to create two Aeros that are almost identical, but you don’t really want to have an Aero Template for it. An example might be when you create an Aero for one staff person and you want to assign the exact same Aero to the rest of your staff as well. In this case, you would want to clone the Aero.

To clone (or copy) an existing Aero, navigate to Manage > Aeros. Use the sort and filter features of the grid to find the Aero you want to clone. Click Edit Aero Screen Menuthe blue View button to open the Aero.  Click the menu arrow next to Edit Aero (or Edit Aero – Occurrence) and choose Clone Aero.

A new tab will open with the cloned Aero. It will look exactly like the original Aero except the subject will have (Clone) appended at the end. At this point you can make any changes necessary by editing the Aero and Save and Close.

Updated on September 15, 2017

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