How to Use Library Templates

To access the Aero Template Library, navigate to Library > Library Templates. You will see the the following information on The Library screen:

Author The Author column displays the name of the experienced accountant who wrote the template. You can see a photo of the author, click on links to their social media sites, and read a short bio for each author.
Type The Library Types are there to help you find a the template you need. They do not match up to the Aero Types you set up in your Aero account.
Summary The Summary section has the following information:

  • Title – the title of the Library Template
  • Summary – A short summary describing when you might use the template
  • Depending on your subscription status you might see the following buttons:
    • View – Click the View button to see the entire template without using it.
    • Add Master Aero – Click this button to use the template to create a Master Aero
    • Add Aero – Click this button to use the template to create an Aero
    • Clone – Click this button to create a copy of the template that you can then edit and save in your own template list.
    • Subscribe – If you do not have access to that particular template, you will see a green Subscribe button. Clicking on that button will take you to a page where you can manage your account information.
Apps Used Icons representing the App(s) that are used in the template.
Last Modified The date that the template was last updated.
Updated on September 12, 2017

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