How to Use Progress Invoicing

Note: The Progress Invoicing Feature is only available to Aero accounts that are linked to QuickBooks Online.

Progress invoicing allows you to bill a percentage of the total estimated amount based on the percent of a project that is completed.

To use Progress Invoicing, you must first create a project and then break it down into Aeros. As those Aeros are completed, the time is logged and Aero calculates what percent of the project has been completed (based on the estimated time you entered when creating the project).

When you’re ready to invoice for the first installment, navigate to Manage > Projects, click the View button for the project you want to invoice, and click the Create Invoice button.


At the top of the Create New Invoice screen, you will see data about the project so far:


Below that is information about the customer.


Make sure you pay attention to Invoice Date (defaults to today, but can be overridden), Bill Email (defaults to the customer’s default email in Aero, but can be overridden) and Increment to Invoice (calculated using estimated vs actual time, but can be overridden). When the information in the customer section is correct, click the Finish Invoice button. Aero will fill out the section below.


The fields in this section are automatically filled out (but any of them can be edited):

  • Aero Type – pulled from the Default Invoice Aero Type field in the Aero Customer record. When the invoice is created in QBO, the Service Item will flow from this Aero Type. If you have not set up a Default Invoice Aero Type for the customer, the Aero Type field will simply be filled with the first Aero Type in your firm’s list.
  • Description – composed of the name of the project and data drawn from the billing history and the increment chosen to invoice.
  • Amount – current invoice amount

Once you are happy with the information, you have a couple of choices on how to proceed:

  • Send to QBO – saves the invoice in QBO and closes the Create New Invoice screen.
  • Open in QBO – saves the invoice in QBO and opens it inside of your QBO account.




Updated on December 7, 2016

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