I marked an Aero complete by accident

“Help! It’s gone and I wasn’t finished!” Not to worry. When you complete an Aero by mistake, it is very easy to ‘get it back.’

First, find it

Probably the easiest place to find it is on the My Timesheet screen. You can use the filter row at the top to search for it by subject.
My Timesheet search

You can also find completed Aeros on the My Schedule screen, on the Manage Time screen, or in the Completed Aeros report (you may not have access to all of those screens).

Then, edit it

Once you’ve found it:

  • Click the Aero button to edit it (Or the ‘E’ on the My Schedule screen or the subject on the Completed Aeros report).
  • Find the Status drop down on the right and change it from Completed to Deferred.
  • When you Save and Close it, the Aero will reappear on your list!
Updated on July 20, 2017

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