Manage Projects

Manage > Projects takes you to a screen with all open projects (all projects whose status is not Completed or Cancelled). In the header, you can click the down arrow next to Manage Projects and choose to add a new project.

Manage Projects

You can search for a specific project within the grid by using the sort and filter features in the column headings. Clicking the blue View button for any project allows you to see further details and edit the project. The columns displayed can also be filtered, but by default are:

Type The Project Type assigned to this project.
Start Date The assigned start date for the project.
End Date The project end date (if any).
Name The project name.
Manager The team member assigned as the project manager.
Company The name of the Company associated with the project.
Status The project status (NotStarted,  InProgress or Deferred). The project status is updated manually by the user.
Updated on March 29, 2017

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