My Aeros Screen

> My Aeros will take you to the list of all Aeros that are due on or before today.


On the screen you will see:

  1. The My Aeros Screen menu
  2. Airplane icons which indicate tasks assigned to you
  3. Clock icons which indicate appointments assigned to you
  4. Envelope icons which indicate emails imported from your email inbox.
  5. All Aeros have a start date and time and an estimated duration, but some may have a due date as well.
  6. You can click the category link to enter the edit mode for a task (this is only available to level SL3 and higher). If there is an asterisk after the category link, it means the Aero is an occurrence of a Master Aero.

There is information about each Aero. In each column you will find:

Accept Click the icon to accept the Task (an airplane), Appointment (a clock), Email (an envelope), or Note (an “i”).
Date/Duration The assigned start date and the original estimated duration. If there is a due date, it will appear in green below the estimated duration. A due date indicates there is a window of time to complete the task.
Company/Contact The Company and Contact associated with the Aero (if any).
Type/Category The Aero type and Category (Task, Appointment, Email, Other). If the category type has an asterisk after it, it was generated by a Master Aero. Depending on your security level, you may be able to click on the Category link and edit the Aero.
Subject A brief description of the Aero.
Priority/Status The Aero’s priority (Normal, Elevated, Critical) and it’s current status (Not Started, In Progress, Deferred). If the Aero has been deferred, the word Deferred may be followed by a deferred reason.
Updated on September 14, 2017

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