My Dashboard

To get to My Dashboard, navigate to Work > My Dashboard. You can use this screen to see your AerosĀ arranged in the manner that is most convenient for you.


When you first click on My Dashboard it defaults to all your open Aeros for the next 30 days. Use the sort and filter features of the grid to arrange your tasks the way you prefer to see them listed. Do you always want your Aeros grouped by Company? Do you want them sorted by date and then by Priority? Are there columns you want hidden or ones you want to see? There are more columns available than you see in the default view. You can see the Day of the week, Contacts, Projects, and Category (task, appt., email or other)

My_Dashboard_-_Aero_Workflow_ManagerOnce you have your Aeros arranged just the way you want, click the Make Sticky button.

Your sort and filter preferences have now been saved and every time you navigate to this screen, your Aeros will be displayed the same way.

To clear your preferences, click the Clear button.


Updated on December 7, 2016

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