My Schedule Screen

Work > My Schedule takes you to the My Schedule screen. Here you can see a calendar view of all your Aeros. The screen defaults to the Agenda view but you can choose to view your schedule for the Day, Work Week, Week, or Month by clicking on the buttons in the upper right corner. Aeros that are completed will be black while Aeros that have not will be blue.

The My Schedule screen only shows appointments and tasks. Emails and Notes will not be shown.

Start Aero from My ScheduleIn the Work Week, Week, and Month views you can rearrange your schedule by clicking a dragging an Aero to a new date and time. In any of these view, if you double-click on an Aero a window will pop up where you can edit the start and end date and time.

You can edit an Aero from this screen by clicking the ‘E’. You can also start working on an Aero from here by clicking the plane, clock, envelope, or ‘i’ icon.

Updated on September 21, 2017

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