Open a New Aero Account Linked to QBO

It’s important to note that Aero connects to your firm’s QBO account, not your clients’ QBO accounts. Also be aware that Aero syncs with Your Books in QBO, not your client list in QBOA. Because it’s important to make sure you connect to the right QBO account, we recommend following this procedure in an Incognito window in Chrome.

  1. If you have tried once unsuccessfully to open an Aero+QBO account, make your that you disconnect Aero in your “My Apps” section of your QBO account.
  2. From the Signup page, click the Start Free Trial button under the option to open an Aero Account linked to a QBO account.
  3. You’ll be taken to the Intuit Apps store. Click the Get App Now button.
    Get App Now
  4. If you’re not signed in to a QBO account, you’ll see a screen that is asking you to create a new account. This is an Intuit screen. If you already have a QBO account, click the little blue Sign in link.
    Open New Account?
  5. If you’re like many ProAdvisors, with multiple companies and clients, you need to find your firm’s QBO account next. You may see this next¬†(If you don’t have a multitude of accounts and clients, you may not see steps a & b):
    1. Choose the correct QBO account from a dropdown list and click Add app to firm below.Add App to Firm
    2. You firm will show up in the section below. You can confirm it’s the correct QBO account by clicking the Show apps arrow. When you’re sure you have selected the correct QBO account, click the Confirm button.¬†Confirm add app to firm
  6. You will be asked to authorize the sharing of your data between Aero and QBO. Click the blue Authorize button to continue.
    Authorize Aero
  7. Next you’ll be back in Aero, where you will fill out some basic information about your company. Aero Account Information
  8. Fill out the required information then click the Create your Aero Account button. You see this screen next:
    account loading gif
  9. It’s very important that you leave your browser open until you see the Welcome to Aero screen:
    Welcome to Aero
  10. If this still doesn’t work for you, you can open a non-QBO Aero account and then connect it to QBO afterwards.
Updated on August 30, 2017

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