Related Aero Appointment

Create Related AppointmentWhen you are in the Read Email, Do Task, Read Note, or Attend Appointment screens, you can choose to create a new appointment that is related to the current Aero. Click on the screen menu and choose Create Related Aero Appointment.

A new tab will open with a Create New Appointment screen. The fields will all be auto-filled with information from the original Aero You can change any information you want and continue as usual with the process of Creating a New Appointment. When you click Save and Close, the tab will close and you will be back on the original Aero screen.

The new Related Appointment will look just like just like any other task, except that it will have a Related Aero tab at the bottom. Click on the tab to see information about the originating Aero.

Related Task Tab

If you Save and Defer the originating Aero, and click to open it again or look at it in Edit Mode, you will see a new tab call Related Aeros. You can create multiple related Aeros from one Aero (for example, you can create a Related Task and also a Related Email), and they will all appear in this grid.

Related Aeros Grid

Updated on December 6, 2016

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