Report – Master Aeros List

A list of all active Master Aeros, grouped by Company, with the number of remaining occurrences noted.

Master Aeros List Report

Report Defaults

  • Filtered for only active Master Aeros
  • The information is grouped by Company
  • Remaining Aeros are occurrences of the Master Aero that have a status of NotStarted
  • By default, each Company’s Master Aeros are listed by the number of remaining occurrences (lowest to highest)
  • Each Master Aero has a View button that will take you to the Edit Master Aero screen. The button will be red if there are no remaining occurrences, orange if there are two or fewer occurrences, blue if there are three or more occurrences, and white if the Master Aero is inactive.
  • Default Columns:
    • Assigned To
    • Master Aero Subject
    • Project
    • Aero Type
    • Estimated Duration
    • Remaining Aeros

Customization Options

You can customize the report and then Memorize it so you can run it again without having to customize it. The customization options give you the ability to create many unique reports based on this one starting point.

  • Filter Options
    • Assigned To
    • Company
    • Aero Type
    • Manager
    • Active Status (Active, Not Active, All)
  • Grouping Options – Grouping gives you subtotals for that specific group.
    • Manager
    • Aero Type
    • Assigned To
  • Optional Columns –¬†you can optionally see the following columns:
    • Hat
    • Manager
    • Company Name
    • Contact
    • Aero Category
    • Priority
    • Billable
    • Fixed Fee
    • Active (yes/not)

Click the Report to CSV button to export the report to CSV. Data will be exported according to your filter options. All columns will be included and the data will not be grouped in any way.

Updated on September 19, 2017

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