The Reports section in Aero gives you valuable information to help you better run your firm. You can customize and memorize each report.

You can access Reports by navigating to Manage > Reports.

Reports are organized into categories. You can click on each category tab to see the reports that are available.


When you click the Run Report button, the report will open in a second window with the default filters and columns.You can also click on the Report Help button to learn more about that particular report. You can customize the report by clicking the Customize link in the upper-right corner.

Customize report

Each report will have different customize options. You can choose different filters, group by different fields, and add or delete fields. When you’ve finished selecting your custom options, click the Run Report button. You can also export your customized┬áreport to a .csv file by clicking the Report to CSV file.

Custom Options - Aero Reports

The customized report will load. To save your customizations, click the Memorize link.

Customized report

You’ll be given a chance to name your report and even give it a description. The next time you want to run your custom report, click the Memorized tab, find your custom report, and click Run Report.

Because each memorized report is a unique URL, you can bookmark a memorized report and then click on that bookmark whenever you want to run the report. Obviously, this will only work if you are logged into Aero.

Memorized Reports

Updated on September 15, 2017

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