Resend Team Member Invitation

When you add a new Team Member to your Aero account, they are automatically sent an email inviting them to log in. The email contains their username and a temporary password. Since the email comes from, sometimes it is caught in a spam filter. If the new team member cannot find their email invitation, you can cause another one to be sent:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Team Member. Find the Team Member and click the blue View button.
  2. Uncheck the Active checkbox.
  3. Click Save & Close.
  4. On the Manage Team Members screen, click the View button for that same Team Member.
  5. Check the Active checkbox.
  6. Click Save & Close.

A new email invitation will be sent. This process will also reset their password to a generic one: 3ChangeMe!! so if they still can’t find their email invitation, they can log in using their email and that password. They should immediately navigate to Work > My Preferences and change their password.

Updated on February 9, 2017

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