Setup a Team Member

To add a new Team Member:

  • Before creating a new team member, you MUST first add them as a new contact.
  • Make sure your current Aero subscription allows for enough users. If your subscription level doesn’t allow for enough users for you to add another team member, you will be asked to either upgrade your subscription or make a current team member inactive.
  • Once you have added them as a contact, navigate to Setup > Team Members.
  • On the Setup Team Members screen, click the down arrow to the right of Setup Team Member and choose Add Team Member from the dropdown menu.
  • Fill out the fields on the Create Team Member screen as follows:
    Create New Team Member


Name *Required The team member’s name.
Email Address *Required Choose the team member’s email address from the drop down menu or start typing to find it. This email address will be the Team Member’s login.
Security Level *Required The Security Level controls what parts of your Aero account the team member can access and which vault information they can see. To choose an appropriate security level, see assigning a security level.
Manager  The manager that this team member reports to- choose from a drop down menu.
QuickBooks Entity  *Required for QBO sync. If you are syncing to QBO, you must choose the team member’s corresponding QuickBooks Entity.
Time Zone *Required Designate the team member’s time zone.
Hourly Billable Rate You can designate a default Hourly Billable Rate for the team member. If you choose Team Member in the Billing Rate Option in Setup > My Company, customers will be billed based on the rate you set here. You can type in a rate or choose one using the up and down arrows.
Hourly Cost Rate You can enter a weighted or unweighted hourly cost for the team member. This rate does not sync to QBO.
Partner Checking this box will designate the team member as a firm partner. This information is used for calculating KPI’s
Close Return to the Manage Team Members screen without saving.
Save and Close Save the new team member and return to the Manage Team Members screen. Once you click the Save button, an email will be sent to the new user, inviting them to log into Aero.
Updated on July 17, 2017

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