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If you need to start a task ‘on the fly’, you can start an unscheduled task from the Quick Links menu. Navigate to Quick Links > Start Task . The Add Task screen will open.

You only have to fill in a subject to save and start the task, but you can also fill out the following:

Subject *Required The subject defaults to Unscheduled Task. You can delete that and type in your subject or just leave it as the subject.
Type You can choose an Aero type from the dropdown list.
Company You can assign a company to the task.
Contact You can assign a contact to the task.
Category The category defaults to Task, but you can change it to appointment if desired.
Project The project this Aero is associated with (choose from the drop down menu or start typing a project name, company name, or project type to find).
Hat You can choose a job ‘hat’ you’re wearing for this particular task.
Billable Check the box if the time recorded for this task is billable, leave it unchecked if it’s not billable
Close Click the Close button to return to previous screen without saving.
Save and Start Click the Save and Start button to save the information you’ve entered and start the task. The Do Task screen will open and the timer will start recording time.
Updated on April 11, 2017

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