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You can send an email anytime from within Aero Workflow (as long as you have connected your gmail account to Aero). Navigate to Quick Links > Start Email. The Email screen will open and the timer will start recording your time. On this screen you will see:

To You can type emails directly into these three fields, separated by commas. Or you can choose emails to be inserted into these fields from the dropdown list below.
Contact You can add a contact name here.
Below the contact field, you can choose an email by picking from the dropdown list or start typing the name to filter.
Add To Click the Add To button to add the email you chose to the To field
Add CC Click the Add CC button to add the email you chose to the CC field.
Add BCC Click the Add BCC button to add the email you chose to the BCC field.
Subject Fill in the subject of the email.
You can choose one of your email templates from the dropdown list to be the body of the email.
Pull from template Click the pull from template button to pull the template you chose into the body of the email.
Description This is the body of the email. You can use the formatting bar to include images and links.
Type *Required Choose and Aero type for the email.
Company You can choose a company to attach to the email. A copy of the email will then be saved in the company’s Aero list.
Project The project this Aero is associated with (choose from the drop down menu or start typing a project name, company name, or project type to find).
Hat You can choose a job ‘hat’ you’re wearing while writing the email.
Billable Check the box if the time spent writing this email is billable. Leave it unchecked if it’s not.
Timer Clicking the white arrow on the right of the timer will open up all the timer options:

    • Pause the timer on this email while to step away for a minute.
    • Reset the timer to 00:00:00
  • Defer and Save Draft to save your email and send it later. The email will appear in your task list as an orange envelope.
  • Save & Send will save the email and send it.
  • Edit Time to fix an error in recording or not recording time.
  • Delete Draft will delete your work and close the window. No time will be recorded.


Updated on December 29, 2016

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