Manage your QuickBooks Connection

To manage the connection to your QuickBooks Online account, navigate to Admin > Manage QuickBooks. If your Aero account is not linked to your QBO account and you want to set up the sync, here’s how you can connect it.

To perform a sync of all Customers, Employees, Vendors, Classes and Service Items, click the Sync Now button. You can also disconnect your QBO account from this screen.

At the bottom of the screen is the QuickBooks Sync Log. The log is in the form of an Aero sort and filter grid so you can search for a particular date or type. The columns in the log are:

Date Created The exact date and time the log entry was created.
User Name The user who generated the activity that was synced to QuickBooks
Type The type of log entry (Info, Warning, InitialSync)
Note A explanatory note about the log entry
Updated on December 7, 2016

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