Timer adds time when I pause

The Aero timer that you see when you’re working is using javascript to show you numbers moving. Aero will save the time in the backend every minute. So what you see on your screen and what Aero ‘knows’ about your time aren’t always the same thing.

That’s very interesting but why is there an extra four hours on my timer? What you see on the timer is presented to you by your browser (Chrome, IE, etc). We have seen it happen that a browser update interferes with the way the timer code works and randomly adds 4 to 7 hours to what you see when you Pause or Edit the timer and then Restart it.

Pause and Restart timer

Time added to Timer

When this happens, we work to adjust our code so that is doesn’t happen any more. Of course, the fix can take a few days.

Great. So what can I do about it in the meantime? If you notice that time was added to the timer when you restart, immediately either close the tab or navigate away from it (for example, click the Aero icon in the upper left corner to return to your Aero list). Your time will be saved in background minus the extra hours. When you click the icon to accept the Aero, the time that appears on the timer will be the original time.

Click Icon for My Aeros

Original Time Saved

TImer with saved time

If you don’t notice the added time for a while, that extra time will be saved in the background. If you’re ready to complete the task, you can edit the timer to remove the extra time and then Save & Complete the Aero. If you need to Defer the task, you will have to edit the time entry to remove the extra time.

Updated on April 25, 2017

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