What is the difference between Pause and Defer?

When you’re ready to stop working on an Aero, you have three different options. Which option you choose depends upon what you want to accomplish.

1. You can choose to Pause the Aero

Pausing a task will stop the timer and the timer will turn orange and the Aero window stays open. Pausing an Aero does not record a time entry on your timesheet. If you close the window on an Aero you have paused, the Aero will be listed on your Aero List with a status of “InProgress – Unrecorded: XX minutes”. When you accept that task again, you will see that steps are no longer checked off, the time notes are saved, and the timer starts again at XX minutes.

Use Pause when you want to stop the timer on an Aero to step away from your computer or answer the phone and then come right back to working on the Aero

2. You can choose to Save & Defer the Aero

Save and DeferChoosing Save & Defer pops open some fields where you can defer the Aero to a future date and enter a deferred reason. The timer does not stop running until you click the blue Defer button to complete the defer process. Once you click the Defer button, the Aero window will close and you will be back onyour Aero List. A time entry will be recorded along with any time notes. Steps that you checked off will be saved as completed. The Aero will appear on your Aero List with a Status of Deferred and the Deferred Reason will be listed.

Use Save & Defer when you want to (or need to) step working on an Aero and start working on something else entirely. You should also use Save & Defer when you need to pass the Aero off to another Team Member.

3. You can choose to Save & Complete the Aero

Choose Save & Complete when you are completely done with the task. Save & Complete records a time entry and saves time notes. The Aero window will close and you will be back on your Aero List. The Aero will be marked as Completed and will not show on your list again.

Choose Save & Complete when you are all the way done working on an Aero.

Updated on September 21, 2017

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