Who Can Use Library Procdures

To access the Aero Procedure Library, navigate to Library > Library Procedure.

Users in their Free Trial Period – Only paid Aero subscribers can use Library Procdures. If you are still in your free trial period you will need to add your payment information and end your free trial period. While in your free trial period you can see the list of Library procedures, you just won’t be able to view any of the details of a procedure. If you add a procedure to a step in an Aero, Master Aero, or Aero Template that you create, the user performing the work will not be able to access the procedure.

Regular Aero Subscribers – All paid Aero subscribers can use at least some Library Procedure. Subscribers who have not upgraded to premium content will be able to  see all of the Procedures that are available. Any Procedures that are not part of the Premium content can be linked to an Aero, Master Aero, or Aero Template you create.

Premium Content Aero Subscribers – Aero subscribers who upgrade to Premium content will be able to see and use ALL procedures in the Procedure Library. You can link any Library Procedure to an Aero, Master Aero, or Aero Template that you create.

Updated on December 7, 2016

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